Winder Wonder #24: Smartwatches VS. Timepieces

Welcome back to Winder Wonder. Your fortnightly spot to find the very best in tech; from weird and wonderful robotics, to tempting new smartwatch technology. We may specialise in top-notch watchwinders for your traditional timepieces, but we also like to keep one eye on the future. This fortnight: the battle between smartwatches and traditional timepieces heats up, we discover a glove that turns touch into sound and we take a closer look at the latest smartphone from Samsung..

Can Traditional Watchmakers Co-exist with the Sartwatch Crowd

1 (6)Image source Smartwatches were the topic up for debate at this month's Baselworld trade fair, an annual hub for some of the top traditional watchmakers in the world. While many in the industry claim the two very different types of timepiece can co-exist, others believe that the rise of the smartwatch will have a knock-on effect on traditional timepiece sales. “There's going to be a paradigm shift," stated Joe Santana, ex-chief executive of Timex. Baselworld MD Sylvie Ritter, meanwhile, remained optimistic claiming: "Here we appeal to emotion, there they appeal to marketing.”
  • What are your two cents on the issue? Is the clock ticking for traditional watches?

FingerSynth Glove Turns Touch into Sound

Here's a new creation from the world of technology – a glove which converts touch into different sounds depending on the surfaces the wearer comes into contact with. Known as the FingerSynth, this cool invention is hoped to have a practical outcome in medical contexts in the future. For now, we're just enjoying the interesting sounds!


Will Samsung's Curvy Smartphone Change its Fortunes?

3 (7)Image Source

Money-troubled Samsung have unveiled their new, radically redesigned Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge – complete with an eye-catching curvy design. But will this be enough to change the technology giant's fortunes? With a rich accessory collection on the cards, a bold curved screen and 5.1 inch HD display, these new models are a far cry from the old, plastic, removable battery models of recent years. Do the new Samsung models get your vote? Where do you stand on the smartwatch vs. traditional timepiece debate? Share your thoughts below...

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