About Us – Barrington Watch Winders


The Barrington Watch Winder business was started in 2009. Its founder, Sean O’Farrell, had since 2007 been a seed investor and director in Jura Watches, the first online authorised dealer of watches in the UK, and led a project to develop a watch winder for the business. This project led to the establishment of a separate company to develop the watch winder.

About us

Our motivation:

At that time watch winders were polarised in two camps: on one hand you could buy cheap (and cheap-looking) winders on eBay with limited functionality or alternatively you could buy “brand-name” winders that, while both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, were excessively priced. We set out to make a winder that had all the features you needed, looked good, came at a reasonable price and was backed up by sales/after-sales support based in the UK. This is still our focus today.

Product development:

In 2010 after months of design and testing with the British design teams at Conka Design and Hoffi, we produced a single winder. It was well-received by customers of Jura and other retailers also sought to buy it from us. Over the years – and with Jura being sold to CW Sellors in 2014 – we increased our focus on developing a range and added a Double, Quad, Six, Nine and Twelve winder.

Product development


Now we operate from our offices in Penn Street, south Buckinghamshire in the UK where we welcome customer visits but ask that you please make an appointment as we are hybrid working and not always there. We also have a service centre in Eugene, Oregon in the USA. The business sells mainly to the UK and the US but also across the globe, both directly from our website and via Amazon where you’ll find us in the UK, North America, EU and the UAE. 

Our Team:

Sean is still running the business but if you contact us you’re more likely to deal with Lisa Housego who is Head of Customer Service. John, an electronics engineer with 25+ years' experience, manages our technical side looking after new product development/testing/maintenance/repairs and Ian looks after the US office. A host of freelancers help us with everything else that goes with managing an e-commerce business including Shopify, Amazon, SEO, PPC, social media and so on.

Our Team

Our goal:

But despite how many things have changed in the business since we launched, our goal to deliver a quality product at a good price with excellent after-sales care has remained a constant. The dozens of 5 star reviews on Google and the hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon hopefully bear this point out. We always want to deliver customer satisfaction but when things go wrong – as sadly on some rare occasions they do – we take responsibility and try to make it right.


Though our winders continue to evolve and improve from their original designs, we are committed to ensuring that they will always hold true to the principles that we set out for our products at the start: they should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced. We hope you will have this experience with our products and thank you for considering a Barrington Watch Winder.