4.8 stars
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Brilliant Customer Service
"I thought I would write to express my thanks and appreciation for your recent response to the problem with my watch winder. The winder was over 2 years old and out of warranty and, when it ceased to wind last weekend, I thought that would be that. However, I called your offices on the Monday to see whether there might be a known issue which I might be able to fix myself and was met with the response “send it in to us and we’ll take a look”. I sent it to you and today, Friday, the winder is back, repaired, with a little note from Sharon saying that the motor has been replaced and all is working fine. No fuss, no charge just top class customer service."
Ron Aspinall

"I've been in search of a good watch wonder for a few years, but have always been in fear of parting with good money to find it's overly noisy, won't allow for my watch size, or breaks down due to the watch weight (There is a lot of poor quality winders out of China) I had been browsing the Internet and Barrington continually came with good reviews, for both the product and customer service. The fact they were a UK based company boosted my confidence to make a purchase. Opposed to purchasing online due to the amount of money being spent, I called Barrrington direct. The lady at Barrington (I forget her name) was great in offering all the options and happy to oblige when I pressed her for a discount. On receiving the 4 No. watch winder, I couldn't have been happier, the detailing and quality were better than anything else I have seen on the market at that cost. The piano black finish allows it to be a show piece even without the timepieces inside. The motors are super silent and are standing the test of time with the weight and size of my Oris divers watch (In Steel). You will not go wrong by purchasing a Barrington product."
Lee Fielding

"Very friendly and really helpful."
C Baines

"Superb watch winder. Will definitely buy more."

"Received a Barrington Watch Winder, their service and product were excellent. It was the first time I had dealt with Barrington and would highly recommend them as as a supplier."
John Wood

"An innovative company that's has an eye for design and edge for silent winder technology. What more could one want? Their pre-sales and after care customer support just makes you feel proud to own a winder from a company that cares about its customers. Now I just need to buy another automatic watch before I can buy another Barrington!"
Jon Grayson

"Good quality watch winder boxes with impeccable customer service."
John Bunford

"Their customer service is brilliant as they did their utmost to source and deliver a Barrington 2 watch winder in time for our 20th wedding anniversary. The Barrington watch winder keeps the accurate time and motion of each of husband's watches for days and weeks at a time. It not only looks good but has brilliant features. It's a brilliant, classic and practical purchase my husband loves it!!"
Rosemond Brown

"Barrington were very helpful in advising me of the right size winder for my watch prior to my purchase. They were also very good in helping me when my online payment went wrong."
Anthony Smith

"Very helpful when I visited the company with a problem."
Jeremy Berman

"I emailed Barrington with a question and got the reply I wanted which enabled me to purchase my Barrington watch winder. Would certainly use again, in fact this is my 2nd watch winder from Barrington!"
Nicholas Sarraf

"Overall Barrington customer service couldn't be better! They have fantastic products for premium watches."
Luke Bentley

"I was searching for a watchwinder for my watch, didn't want an all singing all dancing expensive one, just one to keep me ticking along, and then I found Barrington online, Hurrah, just the job, I thoroughly recommend them."
Julia Piercy

"Excellent service as I collected my watch winder in person. A full explanation and demonstration, on how to use the winder."
Andrew Collins

"Wonderful product and wonderful service. When I lost five cushions through a burglary they replaced them at a reasonable cost with excellent service. Can't recommend the company and the product enough."
Blake Weltman

"I bought a watch winder for my husband who has a small wrist. Because the smaller watch winder holder was not on the Barrington website I phoned Barringtons directly. I quickly got through to someone who followed my query up efficiently. He established that theire was a change of product whereby it would not be necessary to select a wrist size and the website was in the process of being updated. However he searched for the current product and made sure that it was sent directly . I appreciated the open honestness. The product is great, quiet and I no longer have complaints that my husband has to set his watch! Thank you."
Louise Frank

"Barrington (Sean) went out of their (his) way to ensure I got the winders I had requested even personally delivering my items to my hotel. I ordered 5! It is very early days but the winders look very well made solid in construction and great colures. Put one of my watches on today and everything appears fine....price is a bargain when you think some winders cost 1000s and the Barrington's have all the control I need and then some. Very pleased."
Jeremy Mcguinness

"I found the entire buying process with Barrington to be excellent. The sales advisor (Sean O'Farrell) was very professional and when I explained that I wasn't in a position to purchase the dual winder I wanted until I had sold my old Buben & Zorweg winder he offered me a very fair price for my old winder which he explained Barrington wanted to take apart as part of there ongoing mechanical research."
Stephen Oakes

"Helpful and professional."
Karl Harrington

"Recently bought 2 watch winders. Really pleased with looks, quietness and the ordering process and delivery. However one watch (IWC Portofino) which keeps great time on wrist keeps terrible time on watch winder and so virtually unusable."
Stephen Adams

"In keeping with the very Professional web site, the service I received when ordering the single watch winder was in the same class; five star."
Gordon East

"Very good, no problems. Would recommend."
John Edwards

"Very satisfied. Winder is high quality with moderate price. Communication was prompt and helpful."
Thomas Simmonds

"They were very efficient, and helpful. the watch winder was a present and was well received and is in full use."
Karen Stone

"Excellent service and the winder was excellent. Unfortunately my husband died suddenly in March and I have given his watch and winder away."
Margaret Gwynne Hughes

"Barrington was very responsive to my initial inquiry and subsequent purchase as well as some follow up questions about the day to day operation of the product. The product looks fantastic and despite some problems with the watch holding pads (eventually I decided it was user error rather than product error), it has worked beautifully since day 1."
Tim Rodda

"Barrington, Royal Mail and DHL have done a quick job. Two hours ago the green winder arrived safely and in good condition. Thank you very much for the outstanding customer service!

"Just received my Midnight Blue single winder, very pleased exceeded expectations looks super and silent. Great company to deal with, prompt, well packaged and my queries had a very quick response. Recommend highly.
Steve Albert

"I am absolutely delighted with my Barrington double watch winder, it surpassed my expectations. The finish is excellent and it’s so quiet I don’t worry about it working at night, even though it’s on my bedside cabinet. I have already recommended them to several friends and will continue to do so. Simply superb.”
J Gore

"Barrington, were fantastic to deal with, I would highly recommend both the company and indeed the product itself.”
Mark Wombwell

"Good design keeps my Rolex wound and operating ready for use. Easy to put watch onto winder and silent in operation. Matches much more expensive German winders in all aspects.”
Robert McLaren

"Excellent service: I emailed a query on a Sunday and received an answer within hours.”
Philip Stockton

"Exceptional level of service and lovely people to deal with. I would totally recommend this company. When my watch winder had a fault it was dealt with without any hassle.”
Mrs Joyce Morphew

"Excellent winder very quite. The model I purchased had a solid mount for the watch, which I had to modify by taking the rounded clip off. I purchased this for a ladies watch and even after removing the clip it is still quite a tight fit. I notice other winders have pads to fasten the watch to.
Would definitely consider one of these for my gents watches.”
David McNulty

"Very helpful right from the start. Contacted Barrington for some information on the watch winder and received a comprehensive response. I asked for a discount and also received a discount code. Upon receiving the item, I could see why it was rated so highly, the finish of the product and quality reflects what I had anticipated. So far, it has been working flawlessly and keeps my Bremont ticking.
All in all,very very pleased. Have also recommended it to friends.”
Ashwini Pillai

"I purchased my first Barrington watch winder 24 months ago it has worked perfectly, and does the job well without having to pay out silly money, hence the reason for now purchasing a second one, I think a great looking product for a good price, and highly recommended.
Thank you"
Peter Quiller

"Easy to order, with fast and prompt delivery. Great product that oozes quality. A little more than the many cheap and plastic ones that you can get on eBay, but worth the extra without having to lay out serious money."
David Brown

"The service I received was first class and I am delighted with the two single winders I have purchased. They are stylish and at present very reliable. I would certainly recommend these winders for the price."
Les Pepper

"Sales and after-sales service has been great. I initially purchased a 4 watch winder as a gift for a friend. The unit was faulty and following a conversation with Sean O'Farrell a replacement was sent to me in Dubai.
I would recommend Barrington to others."
Rajen Shah

"Excellent service. I ordered over the phone and it was delivered in a few days as expected. It was a gift for my husband and he was delighted. It does exactly what it's supposed to and looks very stylish."
B Brampton

"Recently given a watchwinder as a gift. After several weeks use I realized it stopped turning after about 3 days. Contacted the company who offered an immediate replacement, which has been turning steadily for the past few months. All's well that ends well.
Excellent service. Thanks!"
Robert Battersby

"Excellent customer service but disappointing to receive a damaged product in the first instant. I understand this could have been the postal service but the box was marked in such a way we believe it was a used box before we received it. The communications however were excellent."
Liz Hemes

"Excellent customer service with notification of order status at every stage. Well packed and delivered promptly. The quality of the product is exceptional."
Geoff Armstrong

”I have 2 winders and although a little louder than expected they keep the watches wound & the programmable function is very useful - mine wind during day whilst I'm away. The winders look great, are of high quality & finish. Non delivery of one winder (disappeared in post) was dealt with with no issues. I will certainly return when I pick up another watch."
Kevin Day

"If I was concerned about buying an unfamiliar product online from a company I didn't know, then I should not have worried.
My experience with Barrington was first class, with very quick responses to queries. I have very slim wrists and so my watch straps would not close on the cushions. Barrington quickly sourced a replacement that did the trick, and made the exchange process very quick and convenient at no cost to me at all. The winder has so far been excellent, as expected. If you want a decent product at a sensible price, buy from Barrington with confidence."
Brian Luff

"Everything was ok.Just the remote is cheap. And also the light only switch on when I close the door. It should switch on when I open the door and switch off when I close it, no?
Jeremy Guichard

"Excellent advice when discussing what to buy. I needed a reliable winder after my expensive foreign one failed! I investigated a considerable number, and concluded the Barrington suited my need, and were accessible if needed. Excellent little machine simple to use, and universal for Rolex and TAG watches. Only wish I had purchased the twin version."
Richard A Gregory