Winder Wonder #23: Luxury Apple Watches & Green Planes

Welcome back to your fortnightly fix of mind-meltingly cool tech news: Winder Wonder. This week we'll be putting our exquisite watchwinders on hold for the unveiling of the luxury Apple Watch, watching the skies for the Solar Impulse 2 and getting over-excited about HTC's virtual reality collaboration with games maker Valve...

Exclusive Apple Watch Could Cost £8,000

1 (5)Image source If you like your technology with a luxurious touch, the Apple Watch Edition could be the super-connected, deluxe timepiece for you. Made from scratch-resistant 18 carat rose gold, this new, high-end smartwatch doesn't quite rival a Rolex price tag, but certainly adds a dose of decadence to Apple's latest piece of “must have” technology.
  • Would you splash out on a luxury smartwatch or are you still coming around to the basic models? Share your opinions with other readers below.

Solar Powered Plane Starts Round-the-World Voyage

The solar powered Solar Impulse 2 has taken off for its record-breaking round-the-world voyage, skipping from continent to continent over the course of 5 months. Piloted by Andre Borschberg, the one-seater Green flying machine's journey has been organised to increase awareness of clean technologies all over the world. With a 72m wingspan (larger than a Boeing 747's) and a weight of just 23 tonnes, this super lightweight aeroplane hopes to travel the globe at a surprisingly slow speed, powered by 17,000 solar cells positioned along the top of the wings, and the energy-dense lithium-ion batteries that keep the plane aloft at night. Bon voyage!

Mobile World Congress Hints VR Could Be Around the Corner

1149099750978556264Image source Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have been on the cards for years now. Yet, aside from a few underwhelming options, it's yet to take off as a real gaming niche. But the buzz at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona suggests that could all be about to change. HTC announced they will be working with games creator Valve to work on a VR device of their own and let attendees get hands on with the new HTC Valve Vive headset... Do you believe that true VR is in the pipeline? What about Green air travel? Would you consider a luxury Apple Watch? Share your thoughts below...

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