What is a watch winder?

What does a watch winder do? How does a watch winder work?

An automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch, is a precision piece of engineering. This type of mechanical watch does not require battery power to operate. Instead, it uses the natural motion of the wearer's wrist to wind the watch's mainspring, which stores energy and powers the watch's movement.

The watch has a weighted rotor that rotates as the wearer moves their wrist, keeping the mainspring wound automatically. Inside are many cogs, levers and springs, all lubricated by a very fine oil that keeps the watch functioning at optimal performance. The watch will continue to operate without having to manually wind as long as it is worn regularly.

What is a watch winder?

A watch winder is a device used to keep your automatic watch running when you are not wearing it. Watch winders are known by different names including autowinder, watch spinner, watch rocker, watch winder box or watch rotator. They come in various sizes from single watch winders to multi watch winders to safe watch winders, depending on the size and value of your watch collection.

By keeping automatic watches wound and running, they can be easily picked up and worn at any time without needing to be reset or manually wound.

What does a watch winder do?

A watch winder simulates the motion of the wearer's wrist, keeping the watch wound and running so it is ready to go the next time you want to wear it. You can be confident that the time will be correct, and the watch can be immediately worn without the fuss of having to adjust the perpetual calendar or time manually.

If you have to manually wind your watch every time it stops due to lack of wear, it can cause lasting damage. The act of pulling out the crown and winding it puts stress on that part of the watch. Not only does having a watch winder negate manual winding, but keeping a watch going automatically helps to ensure that the mechanism is kept lubricated and operating perfectly.

How does a watch winder work?

Watch winders work by transferring energy to the winding mechanism of the watch, which winds the mainspring and keeps the watch running. Barrington Watch Winders operate on a principle of gentle rotation. Mindful of the delicate mechanism of your watch, all our winders rotate for approximately 90 seconds before resting and then start again for approximately another 90 seconds.

The interval period can be determined by the number of Turns Per Day (TPD) you have selected (a lower number of TPD means a longer interval while a higher number of TPD leads to a shorter interval). Find out how many turns per day your watch needs, and which direction to turn it. Multiple rotation settings: clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternating.

Watch winders are popular among watch enthusiasts who appreciate the traditional, mechanical design of automatic watches - and reliable timekeeping.

To further protect your watch, Barrington Watch Winders only operate for twelve hours in every twenty-four – mimicking the natural wear of your watch if it was on your wrist during typical waking hours. This means the approximate 90 second cycles will continue only over a twelve-hour period and for the next twelve hours the winder will rest.

You can set your winder to predominantly gently rotate during night-time hours or daytime hours, depending on your preference. Our quiet watch winder motors are suitable for placing in an office, living area or even a bedroom. Single Winders can be operated with two AA batteries, meaning you can leave your watch in a safe without requiring a mains power supply; battery power reserves will depend on the weight of your watch and the TPD setting.

How to use a Barrington Watch Winder

Our winders are designed to be easy to use so your watch never stops running. Simply remove the cuff from the winder, wrap your watch around it and close the bracelet/strap, then replace the cuff. Next you need to set the rotation direction – clockwise, counter-clockwise, or alternating between the two – and how many Turns Per Day (TPD) you wish it to rotate for.

Most watch manufacturers provide guidance on this, but as a rule of thumb heavier watches require more TPD and we prefer setting our watches on an alternating rotation schedule. If you're not sure, you can use our database to find out how many turns per day your watch needs. Once the settings have been adjusted, the winder will begin winding your watch.

Barrington watch winders are an aesthetically pleasing way of presenting your watch(es) when not being worn. Our watch winders start from £175 up to £3,295 depending on the size and style.

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