There's Now a Brexit Watch Being Sold by Graham Watches

Graham Brexit Watch Available to pre-order with either a brown leather strap or blue leather strap.

Graham Watch Chronofighter Vintage Brexit Limited Edition

If you're a political fanatic or just watch the news on a daily basis, it's safe to say we all know about Brexit. Sweeping the nation off its' feet, whether good or bad, we all have Brexit on our mind, but what about on our watches? In what could be described as a strange turn of events, the watchmaker Graham are releasing a limited edition 'Vintage Brexit Watch' as part of their popular Chronofighter collection. There are only 100 pieces available to pre-order, so it is a limited edition piece. Once it's gone, it's gone. The watch face pays homage to the Great British flag whilst asking the question 'Brexit?'. Which is the question at the tip of the tongue of all politics this past year. Although the watch might seem like a 'gimmick', the Chronofighter range is a quality collection from Graham that is made for 'modern time's men' with eye-catching designs and inventive layers to it. The collection often features a combination of striking materials such as the hands and sub-dials. The Brexit watch is available to pre-order from Jura watches and comes in both a blue and brown leather strap depending on your own preference. What do you think of it?

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