The Special Edition Whisky Bottles to Look Out for in 2018

When it comes to the UK's drinking habits, whisky will always be a drink that you can find frequently in a bottle on our kitchen shelves. Johnnie-Walker-My-Edition-Whisky-2 Whether it be a whisky on the rocks or a cocktail to mix things up, we wanted to highlight the unusual bottles coming out of some of the top whisky brands.

Johnnie Walker - My Edition

We want to start off our list with some Scottish Whisky from Johnnie Walker. The brand has been around since 1820 when it was first introduced in John Walker's grocery shop and since then has had a range of blends introduced by his heirs. Johnnie Walker My Edition Aside from the popular red label and black label bottles (alongside all the others), Johnnie Walker now offers the opportunity to make your own. The power is in your hands guys, scary stuff. My Edition allows you to create your own one-of-a-kind bottle through years of whisky-making expertise and taste-profiling technology. Tell them your personal tastes and preferences, add your own text to the label & have it shipped directly from Scotland to your door. Take a look.

Glenfiddich - Winter Storm

Glenfiddich is one of the most popular producers of single malt scotch, however their new experimental range including Winter Storm is a glass worth trying. Glenfiddich's experimental series 'rewrites the rulebook' and includes IPA, Project XX & Winter Storm. Glenfiddich Winter Storm Whisky After producing the IPA & Project XX, Glenfiddich experimented even more with their blends. In the experiment the Malt master, Brian Kinsman, took inspiration from the freezing vineyards in the Peller Estates Winery located just north of Niagara Falls in Canada. Kinsman returned to the Glenfidich distillery and used his memories of the extreme conditions and unique production process of the Icewin to experiment with French Oak Icewine Casks. And thus, the Winter Storm was curated. It's a "lusciously sweet, short, crisp whisky that offers soft sweet notes reminiscent of candied fruit and Turkish delight that develop into flavours of mouth-watering lychee. The fusion of sweet flavours is soon met with a rich drying sensation from the Icewine." Unlucky for us all, the Winter Storm is now sold out after only 150 bottles being made, but we're hoping for a restocking soon.

Diageo's Rare Whiskies

Saving what many might consider the best till last and the whisky to look out for, is Diageo's rare whisky selection which includes a range of 10 blends exclusive to the collection. Diageo Special Edition The collection encompasses some of the rarest and oldest whiskies from classic, lesser known and often closed distilleries. The range is set to release in Autumn this year with each with its own unique complex flavour. Filled with the highest quality and representing a fragment of Scotch Whisky history. The list as follows: CARSEBRIDGE 48 year old CAOL ILA UNPEATED 15 year old CAOL ILA 35 year old INCHGOWER 27 year old LAGAVULIN 12 year old OBAN 21 year old PITTYVAICH 28 year old THE SINGLETON OF GLEN ORD 14 year old TALISKER 8 year old

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