The New Barrington Watch Winders

Here at Barrington we're pleased to announce the launch of six new single watch winders, all of which are made from original wood veneers. Based in Buckinghamshire, our new models are crafted locally, with the same precision manufacturing associated with the Barrington brand. Our commitment to creating innovative new winders, that combine style and reliability, can be found in each one of our new products. Choose between the classical finishes of an American Walnut or Natural Oak, the darker toned Grey Koto or Ebony Macassar and the sleek stripes found on the Zebrano or Santos Rosewood. 3 New Winders The elegant look of each winder is matched by the gentle rotations, programmed by the various turns per day setting, ensuring watches are wound sufficiently, safely and in style. The technology we use has remained the same with an ultra-quiet motor and the Barrington "Jump" feature available on all new models. We've even gone to the extended length of laser engraving the Barrington logo on each winder, to keep the contemporary feel and high quality finish. Another 3 New Winders We're proud to say that our new range was decided upon by our customers. We came up with fourteen different concepts to how the winders would look, of which we were looking to produce four or five. Our Facebook competition gave friends, family, loyal customers and potential customers the chance to choose which ones they liked the best. The top six, as voted for, have now been produced and will be available for delivery from mid-November. View-Range

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