The Barrington Range of Multi Watch Winders

For almost a decade, we have worked hard to create what we believe to be the best range of multi watch winders that showcase and secure cherished collections of automatic watches around the world.

As with the watches themselves, it's not just about their striking good looks. The movements and mechanisms of high precision automatic watches vary. Some watches have mechanisms that operate clockwise, some counter-clockwise and some both clockwise and counter-clockwise with each watch type calibrated to its own optimum turns per day (TPD).

Our multi watch winders are designed to emulate the natural wrist movement of the wearer with individually programmable rotors. That allows the correct combination of settings required by each watch to keep any automatic watch wound and operating at peak performance.

Features include multi-directional winders that can be set to run either solely clockwise, counter-clockwise or both clockwise and counter-clockwise. There are also five variable TPD options (650, 750, 850, 1000, 1950) as well as a 'Speed Wind' mode to enable you to wind a stopped watch.

Within the stylish closed display case, our multi watch winders also have LED downlighters, a digital touch screen display including a clock, a built-in drawer storage for extra watches, a remote control and ultra-quiet motors.

The winders are AC mains powered and each is supplied with an international adapter with fittings for UK, EU and US plugs.

At Barrington, we take both design and function very seriously and deliver that in every one of our multi watch winders. We offer models that can accommodate two, four, six and nine watches as well as our best-selling flagship watch winder safe that holds up to 12 watches.

Our 12 Watch Winder Safe

Made of steel and bullet-proof glass and weighing in at 35 kilos, our twelve watch winder safes contain an array of security features. That includes 4-digit PIN code access and/or electronic access card, an alarm for repeated incorrect codes, a motion detector alarm that you can switch on/off and an internal motion sensing light.

Each safe is also supplied with steel bolts to enable secure fixing to a wall.

Our multi watch winders are not only stylish showcases built to the highest design standards, but they also offer unbeatable function and precision to keep your watches in optimum working condition and ready to wear.

"I am absolutely delighted with my Barrington double watch winder - it surpassed my expectations. The finish is excellent and it’s so quiet that I don’t worry about it working at night, even though it’s on my bedside cabinet. I have already recommended them to several friends and will continue to do so. Simply superb.” J Gore

Take a look at the Barrington range of multi watch winders, including our 12 watch winder safe.

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