5 Sunglasses for 2018’s spring sunshine

It may feel as if we’re living through an interminable winter of dark grey skies, icy rain and freezing gusts, but spring is most definitely in the pipeline. While the weather could certainly use some more cheering up, the mornings are brighter, the evenings are lighter and on 25th March the clocks will leap forward by one blissful hour, which can mean just one thing...after work pints outside the pub - in the daylight! Whether you’re deep in the doldrums of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or simply want to be able to leave the house without five waterproof layers, this season’s sunglasses will definitely make you feel summery before the real sunshine arrives. To help you prepare for those first, long-awaited rays, we’ve rounded up five of the best looking men’s sunglasses of 2018. From modern classics and vintage frames, to cutting edge accessories, these shades make sunshine look suaver than ever before…

The Zero, Taylor Morris (£210)

With a totally flat lens and stylish round frame, this much-hyped design from Taylor Morris combines contemporary flair and technology with vintage references. Available in an array of very tempting shades and finishes, these acetate, John Lennon-inspired shades are in demand in 2018. 

Bernado, Oliver Peoples (£308)

Prefer your fashion references a little more 80s than 60s? This seriously suave pair of shades from Oliver Peoples look like they somehow swaggered off the set of Drive. Don’t mind if we do….

Lemtosh Sunglasses, Moscot X End (£240)

The shades of choice for alternative leaning stars like Johnny Depp, Moscot’s frames have developed a cult following over the past few years. Their latest collaboration with End has spawned some seriously good-looking sunglasses.

Round frame gold tone sunglasses, Ray Ban (£130)

A classic brand and a classic style, these subtle but on trend shades from Mr Porter won’t overwhelm your look but will add a fashionable nod to your ensemble - easy as that! Pleasingly versatile, this is a pair to keep in your pocket for any occasion.

Riviera - Gold Bone, Garrett Leight (£125)

The sea-like green tinted glass and light (but immaculately designed) gold frames of this spectacular pair of shades is summer distilled into sunglasses form. We can actually feel the warm sea breeze in our (remaining) hair as we look at them. A great look if you’re not into circular frames and want something classic but stylish. What’s your favourite sunglasses shape? Which brand do you favour? Have your say and share your 2018 men’s sunglasses picks with other readers below.

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