Our 3 Favourite Bike Gadgets for Spring 2016

With Spring and Daylight Savings tantalisingly just around the corner, the Barrington Watchwinder gang can't wait to get back on their bikes. If you're anything like us, we know you're itching to get peddling, especially with the UCI World Track Cycling Championships speeding into gear in London this week. If you're holding out for the next perfect Saturday or early finish on a sunny afternoon, it can feel like your moment will never come... Fortunately, we've found the perfect distraction: Ridiculously cool bits of cycling kit that you're going to want pretty much immediately. Here's a quick round up of our current favourite pieces of bicycle technology and gadgetry for Spring 2016….

1. Monkey Light Pro (around £770)

There's a steep price tag with this gizmo but that's because it's OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. Pre-load graphics and animations to the astounding Monkey Light Pro and, as you pedal, these images – both static and moving – will miraculously appear within your wheels, created by super smart LED lighting on your spokes. We're blown away.

2. Cycle Alert (£14.99)

Low cost and certainly not as sexy as Monkey Light, unless you consider smarts and safety sexy – which actually, we do. This gizmo alerts lorry drivers (some of the biggest dangers of cyclists) of a bike's proximity, helping to keep everyone safe.

3. MyKlops (£19.99)

Another low cost gadget which offers enhanced safety to cyclists – but this time we can't tell whether it's ridiculous or genius. If it's genius, we can't believe that nobody has ever thought to create strap on wing mirrors for cyclists wrists before, and we're thoroughly impressed. We definitely want to test these puppies out though, either way. What do you think of the cycling gadgets on our list? Which would you most like to take for a spin? Would you shell our £700+ for the awesomeness of a set of Monkey Lights? Perhaps you have your eye on another piece of kit? Share your picks with other keen cyclists in the comments section below.

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