New Year’s Style Resolutions That Every Gentleman Should Follow

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a stale concept these days, with few people making and even fewer sticking to their attempts at self-improvement. However, the new year is the perfect time to have a fresh look at your wardrobe and switch up your style.

But where do you start? Here’s our quick 2022 guide to the New Year’s style resolutions that every gentleman should follow.

1. Buy less, wear more

This year, the single most important thing you can do when it comes to your wardrobe is to buy fewer, better quality garments and wear what you have more. This goes way beyond looking good and is all about limiting the damage we do to the planet.

We all know that the fashion industry is a major polluter and fast fashion particularly - buy cheap, wear a few times and throw away - is incredibly damaging when it comes to carbon emissions, water waste and also the fair treatment of workers.

The best place to start is with your own wardrobe. You should dig out and fall back in love with the old favourites you’ve all but forgotten. And when you do need to buy new, buy less and buy better. Here are some of the most ethical fashion brands for you to consider.

2. Shop vintage

If you’re concerned with the sustainability of your choices, then as well as buying less, buying clothes that already exist is another environmentally friendly solution. Depop and Vinted are both great sites for buying second-hand clothing online, while Vestiaire Collective is excellent for luxury second-hand clothing. However, there’s also a lot of fun to be had by getting out there and rummaging through the rails, with specialist vintage stores and even some charity shops offering good quality clobber at excellent prices.

Top tip: Always put any second-hand clothing through an intensive wash to avoid introducing moths into your wardrobe.

3. Invest in good quality accessories

Practical, good quality accessories are worth their weight in gold, but they don’t have to cost you the earth. All you need is one good example of each accessory for the forthcoming season, whether it’s a scarf or hat for winter or a good pair of sunglasses for spring. The same can be said for belts, wallets, phone cases and overnight bags. Find one signature piece that you love, invest well and wear only that.

4. Stock check your basics

If you’ve spent most of your time working from home over the last two years, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need to replenish some of your basics. These are the items that you’ll have been living in day in, day out.

Focus on wardrobe essentials such as plain tees, dark jeans, grey sweatshirts and Oxford shirts, as well as the other essential items of your menswear diet. And remember, it’s worth spending more on quality items that will stand the test of time, so if there’s room in your budget, then treat yourself. That way, you’ll look your best without having to be creative.

5. Consider a watch upgrade

Switzerland certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all of luxury watches, but if you’re looking for an upgrade on your bog-standard timepiece then it’s a great place to start. And you’re not going to need to remortgage your house to get your hands on something notable, reliable and stylish. For just shy of the £500 mark, you can pick up a good watch from Tissot, Hamilton or Christopher Ward, while Junghans from Germany is another great mid-priced brand. Granted, you’re not in Rolex territory, but you will get an excellent wrist upgrade and a great starting piece for a fledgling watch collection.

There are also some beautiful pre-owned watches out there, although there are a few things to consider when buying a luxury second-hand watch.

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