6 WhatsApp Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Chats

Whether you’ve left an acquaintance on “two blue ticks” for two weeks and can’t face the social awkwardness of getting back to them after such a long time, can’t handle the mayhem of the 440 group chat messages you missed while you were in that meeting, or just want to manage your messaging a little more intelligently, we’ve rounded up six WhatsApp hacks which will seriously upgrade your chats…


Quote your mates

Whether somebody’s asked for information that’s already in the thread or you’re having a healthy debate and want to prove your buddy wrong by turning their own words against them, simply find the relevant message you want to repost, press and hold, then hit the Android’s left button or iOS’ reply button and choose the chat you want to republish to.


Mute selectively

Is a particular group chat or private conversation causing you stress, hassle or unnecessary interruptions? No problem. Stay sane and keep things quiet by selectively muting the chats you don’t want to hear from, for the period of time of your choice. Simply enter the chat, click its name and use the mute settings. Ahhh…bliss!


Keep your camera roll clean

That moment when you’re sharing your holiday snaps with a colleague and things get unexpectedly, visually saucy isn’t exactly comfortable for anybody. If you’re ever the recipient (or distributor) of consensual, adult material, you might want to prevent WhatsApp images filtering through to your gallery. To make this (very smart) move, open Settings>Chats and turn off the Save Incoming Media option. Phew!


Rest your thumbs

Look busy at work and give your thumbs a break by making use of WhatsApp Web. Simply find the app in your browser and follow the instructions provided to start using WhatsApp from your desktop or laptop.


Protect your data

Do you really want to spend your valuable data allowance on every “hilarious” meme that arrives in every chat you are party to? We’re willing to bet that the answer is “no”. Open up Settings>Data Usage in iOS or Settings>Chats and Calls>Media Auto-Download in Android to choose which types of content are automatically downloaded, and which have to be actively selected before they consume your data.


Hide your “secrets”

Maybe you’re planning a surprise party, maybe you’re a secret agent or maybe you’re talking to somebody your other half doesn’t approve of… Whatever the reasons, preventing message previews from popping up on your home screen could be a matter of life or death. Keep your secrets safe by opening up Settings>Notifications>Show Preview.

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