6 Ultimate Chairs for Your Man Cave

Sometimes a man just needs to sit. Beer or no beer. Sport or no sport. Highbrow literature or no highbrow literature – the important thing is the sitting itself. So put your timepiece back into your dual watch winder, forget about the time altogether, sit back and enjoy our 6 favourite blokey chairs for your man cave...

1. F4 Ejector Seat

A real ejector seat from a real Vietnam era F4, with a custom base and upholstery to match your man cave décor. This hardcore bucket seat is a piece of aviation (and world) history, pimped out to look completely and utterly badass. We've never seen a more masculine piece of furniture. Strap yourself in, if you dare.

2. Hot Wheels

If you're more of a bicycle man than a fighter jet kind of guy, this flamin' hot creation from Bike Furniture may be more on the money. Made from chrome steel bicycle rims and inner tubes, with your choice of accessories. We've even seen one with a bicycle horn. Personally, we like this flaming tyres example.

3. X Rocker Pro H3

Big on gaming? Meet the X Rocker Pro H3. This is a rocker chair designed specifically for serious Xbox usage. With 4 wireless speakers, vibration and some intimidating bass, this bad boy will give you the most immersive game play of your life.

4. Homelegance 9745BRW-1

Gentlemen, meet the Homelegance 9745BRW-1. A catchy name it doesn't have. But it does have literally everything else. Two cup holders, bonded leather, touch power mechanism, back and thigh massagers, blue LEDs, numerous reclining settings – it's everything you've always wanted to sit on – and more.

5. Black Leather & Maple Recliner

And now for something just a little more tasteful. This attractive, masculine, but not over-the-top recliner comes in fine black leather with maple trim – all eco friendly. The ball bearing swivel base moves smoothly and the reclining situation is, well, it's pretty sweet.

6. Orlando Manual Recliner Chair

A LA-Z-Boy has to be the ultimate chair for a man cave. In case you're after a chilled out chair, without the bells and whistles, here's a super comfortable, luxuriously padded manual recliner option. No muss, no fuss, just maximum comfort at the end of a long hard day. We can't think of anything we'd rather drink whiskey in.

What's your dream man cave chair? Do you have the perfect recliner already? Share your picks with our readers below.

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