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About Barrington Watch Winders

The Barrington Watch Winder Company was founded in 2009. We had observed that the watch winder market in the UK seemed polarised in two camps: on one hand you could buy a relatively cheap (and cheap-looking) winder on eBay that usually had limited features; or alternatively you could buy a “brand-name” winder that, while both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, might cost several hundred pounds.

Why wasn’t it possible to have something that looked good and did everything you wanted at a reasonable price point? That is the question Barrington set out to answer.

To forge this new product the skills of British design teams at Conka Design and Hoffi were brought to bear on the project. After several months of design and testing to develop the best watch winder at the best possible price, the result was the Barrington Single Watch Winder.

The original design has since been modified and improved upon, with the addition of ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors as well as a number of extra features designed to conserve battery life. In 2012 we expanded our range to include new products that also offered exceptional value – the Double, Quad, Six and Twelve Watch Winders.

Though our winders continue to evolve and improve from their original designs, we are passionate about our commitment to ensuring that they will always hold true to the principles that we set out for our products at the start: that they should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably priced.