Winder Wonder #6: Bionic Arms, Wearable Tech & 29,000 BitCoins

Welcome to the latest edition of Winder Wonder, bringing you the best in tech from right around the globe. This week watch quadriplegic Ian Burkhart move his bionic hand using the power of thought and find out why the US government is about to get a serious BitCoin windfall...

Paralyzed Man's Bionic Arm Moves with the Power of Thought

This is the incredible moment when Ian Burkhart was able to move his paralysed arm using only the power of his mind – along with help from some pretty incredible technology. After falling victim to a swimming pool accident which left him paralysed from the chest down, Ian was able to use sheer concentration to make his bionic arm move, with help form a special chip implanted in his brain.

Google Unveils New Android SmartWatch

Here's a timepiece you won't want to put in your automatic watch winder – meet Google's latest Android Wear smartwatch. We've already seen the devices, but this is the very first time Google have unveiled the software which will run behind the scenes of their new wearable tech. Based around notification cards, the new system isn't the most intuitive, but after an initial tutorial, it becomes clear that this is an incredibly intelligent piece of kit, designed to get the most out of its small screen. Colour us impressed!

29,000 Illegal Silk Road BitCoins Up for Auction

After the online black market Silk Road was closed and its assets seized, the US government found themselves with an awful lot of money on their (virtual) hands. 29,656 BitCoins were sized when the proverbial badness hit the online fan - a quantity which could sell for up to $17 million when they are auctioned this week.

The BitCoins will be auctioned in 9 separate lots, each amounting to 3,000 BitCoins. Each lot is predicted to be worth around $1.7 million at the current BitCoin exchange rate – a very healthy cash injection for the US government. Interested in the World's most controversial currency? You can learn all about it with this handy interactive guide.

Will you be treating yourself to a slice of Android's latest wearable tech? Are you thinking about investing in some BitCoins of your own? Have you seen any amazing tech news we've missed? Share your thoug

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