Winder Wonder #25: Shadowless Skyscrapers & Robo Chefs

Shadowless skyscrapers, robotic chefs, smartphone screens so good the human eye can't perceive their extreme quality...our fortnightly technology round up is packed with inventions which make our beautifully made watchwinders look like elegant artefacts from a bygone era!


Are Shadowless Skyscrapers on the Horizon?

In September 2013, a London skyscraper made headlines when reflected light from its surface melted a car parked on the road below. Yet an over-abundance of light is not the usual concern for city dwellers when it comes to tall buildings. Instead many urban-dwellers bemoan the rapidly rising skyline, complaining that looming structures block out natural light, leaving life at street level rather gloomy. But both car-melting reflections and shadowy streets could soon be a thing of the past. London-based architecture firm NBBJ have invented a shadowless, light-refracting dual skyscraper which uses twin reflections to cancel out each other's shadows.


This Robot Chef Wants to Make You Breakfast

The invention of effective robot hands was key to the evolution of London company Moley Robotics' latest invention. Ultimately aimed at the residential market, this robot chef and its friends could be cooking up eggs Benedict or creating a cracking beef stroganoff in your kitchen very soon...


View the World's First 4K Resolution Smartphone

Packing a, frankly ridiculous, 4k resolution comprised of 806 ppi (pixels per inch), Sharp's latest invention is eye-wateringly, well, sharp. The Japanese creators have built what looks to be the highest resolution smartphone screen to date, outclassing Samsung's Galaxy S6 by a wide margin. There is, however, one problem with this technological development – there's a limit to the detail the human eye can perceive. Above 2k, it's difficult to distinguish a difference in quality. Still, the manufacturers claim this 4k screen is more energy efficient than the currently available silicon LCD screens. Would you make use of a robot chef? Or perhaps you'd be hard-pressed to lose the joy of cooking? Share your opinions below...

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