Winder Wonder #21: ROBOTS!

Hello and welcome to our first February edition of Winder Wonder. Our automatic watchwinders may work all on their own, but they're not quite as impressive as some of the robotic creations we'll be sharing with you below. From fully functional cyborgs to search and rescue robot dogs, we've got a whole lot of automated amazingness to show you today...

Ever Wanted to Own Your Own Cyborg?

Well, now you can have one. The incredible Kuratas piloted robot made by Suidobashi Heavy Industries is now for sale and yours for a cool $1 million (£675,135). Standing 12ft 5” tall, this incredible robot can move at up to 10mph – with you inside. Created by a half-mad, half-genius blacksmith in conjunction with a second year doctoral student, this insane machine has iPhone connectivity, 30 hydraulic actuators and a BB gatling gun. Nope, we're not kidding. The only question left to ask is: Do you have a big enough shed?

Talking Doll is Prone to Hacking

WiFi connected Cayla may look like a nice enough plastic young lady, but with a little hacking know how, these dolls take on a rather sinister turn... After computer geniuses worked out how to turn Cayla into a potty-mouthed monstrosity, the web quickly became home to dozens of videos of the doll spouting some pretty blue language. If you're considering giving your youngsters a doll as a birthday present, probably steer clear of Cayla.

Meet Spot: The Robotic Dog You Can't Kick

Boston Dynamics, a robotics company now owned by Google, have been doing some pretty phenomenal things lately. Including building Spot, the amazing robodog you can't kick over. Spot can run, scale slopes, climb stairs and impressively right himself when kicked by deploying a clever stagger. All-in-all this is a pretty incredible pup. And you don't need to clean up after him. His creators hope that soon technology like Spot (and his predecessor Big Dog) will be able to undertake useful tasks like search and rescue. Would you buy a full cyborg suit if you have $1 million to play with? What do you make of Spot? What has been your favourite robotic creation in recent months? Chat about it all below... Image source

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