Our 4 Favourite Umbrellas for Autumn 2018

The summer may have been a scorcher, but soon it will be time to pack away the flip flops in favour of waterproofs, jumpers and Wellington boots. As the autumn showers and the wintery weather descends, having a good umbrella handy will leave you smug and dry while everyone else is scurrying for shelter. If you really want to have an edge on the wet weather this autumn, there are some fantastic pieces of equipment out there on the market. In some circles, the classic “umbrella blown inside out” problem is an archaic issue for people living in the past. Recent innovations in design and materials have generated a whole new breed of umbrella which will keep you dry, dependably – hassle free! Ready to get protected against downpours? Here are four of the best umbrellas for 2018...

1. Davek Solo Umbrella (£99.00)

Davek Solo Umbrella The hefty price tag on the Davek Solo might make you blink a few times, but every penny spent on this seriously sturdy piece of “wet weather tech” has gone into flawless design, outstanding materials and serious sturdiness. In fact, this is umbrella which comes with a lifetime guarantee. The WindFibre frame system ensures you’ll stay dry in the face of any buffeting, while a handy handle clip will stop you from leaving it on shop tills and train seats.

2. Gramercy Umbrella, Certain Standard ($95.00 + Shipping)

Gramercy Umbrella, Certain Standard This sleek, stylish umbrella comes from the home of rain showers – Seattle. You’ll be paying a little extra for international shipping, but with looks like these, how can you resist? But the Gramercy isn’t just about good looks. The frame is an exceptionally strong composite and fibreglass blend, with a steel shaft that simply will not buckle.

3. Moustache Bubble Umbrella, Hunter (£40.00)

Moustache Bubble Umbrella A dapper finish and excellent practicality from a stalwart British brand. Hunter make admirable wet weather gear and their Moustache umbrella is no exception. Bubble umbrellas are excellent for enhanced protection from the rain, while also allowing you a much better view. The flash of colour is both stylish and good for visibility.

4. Blunt Metro Yellow Umbrella (£54.99)

Blunt Metro Yellow Umbrella Compact, collapsible and designed not to poke your fellow commuters in the eye, this is a brolly that has been honed for urban use. Super strong, crazily convenient, this umbrella has been made with love, using the best materials and rigorous regime of quality checks. Truly a superior umbrella. Check out Blunt’s other models to find the right option for you. What’s your biggest umbrella gripe? What’s the worst umbrella misery to have befallen you? Share your stories and have your say in the comments section.

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