5 New Smartphone Games to Get Addicted to in 2016

Bored of Candy Crush and well over Angry Birds? Found yourself at a loose end in your man cave? Worry not, we're about to introduce you to five new games for your smartphone which will have you twiddling your thumbs and swiping like a man possessed for hours. We're enjoying a bumper crop of outstanding smartphone games right now, which means it's high time you got downloading and completely addicted. Put your timepiece safely in your watchwinder box, flex your thumbs and prepare for some serious gaming. Here are our favourites...

1. Her Story

Did you get hooked on Serial and Making a Murderer? Her Story gives you a smartphone oriented experience which comes close. An interactive video game which leads you through a gripping thriller via interviews with a prime suspect, this is compulsive stuff.

2. Octodad: Deadliest Catch

Extreme silliness combines with superb and genuinely challenging gameplay as you take on the quest of Octodad – an octopus pretending to be a human. Serious fun ensues.

3. This War of Mine

This is a pricey app. But with no in app purchases, awesome graphics and intelligent, thought-provoking gameplay, you'll get a lot out of This War of Mine for your money. Play as a soldier trying to safeguard civilians in the midst of a city ravaged by war.

4. The Executive

You are a suited and booted executive. Your mission? To protect your trillion dollar mining company. Your enemies? A bunch of vicious werewolves. Your weapons? A mastery of kung fu and acrobatic stunts. Enough said.

5. The Room Three

Love puzzles, brain teasers, cool graphics and mystery? The Room Three is a beautifully wrapped conundrum waiting to be cracked. It will drive you insane. In the good way. Which smartphone games are you addicted to right now? Which will you be downloading next? Have you played any on our list? Share your thoughts with other Barrington readers below.

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