5 Essential Gadgets for Your Man Cave

The eternally classy watch winder box may be our enduring gadget of choice here at Barrington, but we're always excited to get our hands on a brand new gadget from the ever-evolving world of tech. If you're hooked on gadgetry too, you'll know that it's no mean feat keeping up with the latest releases and awesome devices, which is why we've done the hard work for you this month and brought you five of our very favourite bits of kit which you're definitely going to want in your man cave. From a stopper which keeps popped champagne in peak condition for days, to a portable speaker you can put anywhere and still enjoy impeccable sound. Which gizmo gets your vote?

1. Google Chromecast (£30)

Google Chromecast Share all of the awesome media you have on your phone via your TV with this ridiculously handy little gadget. Simply plug this affordable device into your HDMI socket and share photographs, watch YouTube videos and lots more. Super nifty, very handy!

2. Lumolift Posture Coach (around £55)

Is your man cave a place where you like to get down to business (the professional kind)? There's little more valuable in this life than your health – particularly where your back is concerned. Make sure you keep your spine in perfect working order with this clever device which monitors and corrects your posture – and lots more to boot!

3. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A6 speaker (£800)

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A6 speaker A costlier gadget to add to your man cave, but one which reaps serious dividends for music lovers. This super smart piece of audio equipment is a portable speaker which automatically adapts itself to deliver optimum sound in any environment. Prepare for pitch perfect musical experiences with just one touch.

4. William & Son Champagne stopper (£235)

William & Son Champagne stopper Here's one for the gentlemen who enjoy the finer things in life (but not too much of them!). This smart stopper keeps popped champagne in perfect, fresh condition for days at a time.

5. Master & Dynamic wireless headphones (£420)

Master & Dynamic wireless headphones No wires, just sweet, sweet sounds from this superlative set of headphones from Master & Dynamic – a true essential for man caves where you need to keep the noise down. Do you have your eye on any new gadgets at the moment? Which bits of kit from our list are you tempted by? Share your thoughts below.

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