4 Pieces of Men's Jewellery We'd Happily be Caught Dead In

Many men have a difficult relationship with jewelry. Our Egyptian, Roman and even Renaissance ancestors had no issue with getting bedecked. Most contemporary world cultures have no issue with male adornment. But for many blokes in the West, getting your bling on is something of a fraught issue. For many an English gent, the closest they'll get to a flashy piece of jewelry is their wrist watch (which will look mighty fine stored in our luxury watch winders). Some may don a simple gold band when they tie the knot. Others may flirt with the odd simple pendant, chain or earring. But for others, the idea of male jewelry brings on flashbacks to the terrible beaded "skater/surfer" jewelry their 14-year-old selves thought looked cool. But it doesn't have to be this way. Fellers the world-over look top drawer adorned with the odd accessory. Why should jewelry be restricted to women's fashion? To help you embrace male jewelry, we've rounded up four of our favourite contemporary pieces...

1. Bancroft M6 Silver Bracelet, Alice Made This Men's silver bracelet Shying away from anything too flashy is totally understandable in a culture which doesn't yet embrace full masculine "peacockery". One day, male flamboyance won't get a second look, but until then many chaps prefer subtler flashes of creativity and personality. This bracelet from Alice Made This blends low key looks with sublime quality and balance, cast in solid silver by silversmiths in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

2. Sterling Silver Hex Ring, Miansi Men's contemporary ring Men's rings are having a bit of a moment right now, but be sure to wear them right. Just one can look like a misplaced wedding band, or give your one item of jewelry too much focus. Instead, pile on a couple of well made, interesting pieces to create a "curated" look. High quality materials and understated designs are key - don't splash out on any jewels - it's top notch metals all the way.

3. Triple Wrap Fettuccine Bracelet, Tateossian Mens leather silver bracelet Leather is an excellent choice of material for men's jewelry. Rugged and masculine but, when made and presented well, it has an indisputable high-end quality which makes it suitable for all occasions. This leather and silver triple wrap bracelet is available in a range of shades to suit all tastes.

4. Chain for Beads (Blackened), Thomas Sabo Mens necklace We love the customisability of this well-made chain and bead from Thomas Sabo. This desirable brand also offers a range of attractive beads made from a range of materials to slide on to its chains, ideal for mixing and matching your look for different occasions. Do you wear male jewelry? Do you wish you had more choice or that Western culture embraced more creativity in everyday male fashion? Have your say below.

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