3 Travel Backpacks which Won't Weigh you Down

Do you have an exciting overseas adventure in your diary? The summer may be coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time to get away from it all. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a big trip in store in 2018. Whenever you jet off and whatever your destination, make sure you pack in as much fun as possible by choosing the best available backpack for your trip. Travel Backpacks The good, "the bag" & the ugly Backpacks can make or break an international quest. A good backpack will accommodate all of your essentials (and a little room for extras), while keeping everything dry, but without leaving your spine feeling fifty shades of “ouch!”. The best backpacks won’t just carry your kit, they’ll make it easy to carry too, with well placed straps, support and cushioning, which ensure every mile you trek is effortless. A bad backpack, on the flipside, can make travelling miserable. From blistered shoulders from awkward straps rubbing on your skin, to waterlogged clothes and technology; the wrong backpack can seriously get in the way of your adventures. There are some backpacks which fit so poorly they feel twenty times their actual weight after 20 minutes. There are others which are impossible to pack strategically, making packing up a stressful cramming session every time you move on. The solution to these woes? Do your research and make your next travel backpack an investment. There are lots of cheap products out there which look like they’ll do the trick, but be warned: if you purchase the wrong fit, you’ll be spending a long time with it on your back. We strongly recommend trying on a few options in a store to find out what style will suit you best before you buy the real deal. To get you started, we’ve selected five travelling backpacks which routinely get great reviews from experienced travellers: 1. Osprey Atmos AG 65 (£190.00) The innovative AntiGravity backsystem incorporated into this cavernous but comfortable backpack make it feel like next-to-nothing while you’re on the move. It even features the first totally ventilated hipbelt – ideal for use in hot or strenuous contexts. Super adjustable, so you can tweak it to fit your body perfectly, this waterproof bag is a hugely adaptable and practical piece of kit. 2. Osprey Fairview 40 (£100.00) Searching for something smaller and lighter you can use as cabin luggage? The Osprey Fairview is a very good pick. Just like its Atmos cousin, this carry on is incredibly light and well-made, with more capacity than you might expect (especially if you know how to pack cleverly). With a padded laptop sleeve and comfy hipbelt, this backpack combines convenience and clever features. 3. Deuter Aircontact Lite 60L (£115.00) Deuter Air Contact Backpack A very widely respected piece of kit, the Deuter Aircontact is a very generous 60L bag, crammed with helpful features but streamlined enough to be hyper-functional. This backpack features pockets for wet clothes, a handy (secure) hip belt pocket, plenty of extra space in the lid and tonnes of adjustable elements (including the padded hip fins) which ensure this lightweight pack fits like a dream. What style of backpack do you prefer when travelling? Do you like to take a 60L pack or do you prefer travelling light? Share your tips and picks with other adventurous sorts below.

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