3 of the Best…At Home Smokers

Do you consider yourself something of a foodie? The Barringtons Watchwinder team certainly like their grub. That's one reason why we're so excited for Spring, Summer and the opportunity to get cooking outside. If you love yourself a “food trend” as much as we do, you can't have failed to notice just how popular smoked produce is lately. Stemming from the wider vogue for Deep South, Americana-style cooking, the passion for smoked produce is growing and growing. And now you can start smoking your own stuff at home! To help you infuse your foodie treats with the sweet and tangy flavours created by a dose of smoking, we've rounded up three of the best bits of kit for smoking food at home...

1. Smoker by Francesco Sillitti (£55.00)

Smoker by Francesco Sillitti If you don't want to commit to a full blown smoker just yet, but do want to experiment with infusing different foods with different smoky flavours, this small and deceptively simple smoker dish will give you a chance to get started. You won't be smoking substantial amounts of meat in this little dish, but it is a great way to give virtually any foodstuff a blast of something a little different.

2. Cameron's Stovetop Smoker, Sous Chef (£59.00)

Cameron's Stovetop Smoker, Sous Chef Meat, fish, cheese – this (again) smaller smoker is a great affordable option for first time smokers who aren't quite ready to commit to anything more serious. This smart little gadget sits right atop your hop and does a pretty damn good job of smoking smaller amounts of food to perfection.

3. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm, BBQ World (£225.49)

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 37cm, BBQ World Time to bring out the big guns, with something authentically American. Inspired by the BBQ goodness stemming from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, this heftier piece of kit is for outdoor use and will smoke pretty much anything like an absolute dream. This model comes in a variety of different sizes to accommodate different appetites too. Do you love the flavour of smoked food? Have you tried making your own smoked produce at home? How did it go? Share your experiences below.

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