Winder Wonder #26: Apple Watch Apps & Mr Google Doodle

Hello & welcome to a fresh fortnight of Winder Wonder – your fix of the latest tech and gadgets from across the world and the web. This fortnight: They may not fit in our watchwinders, but Apple Watches can download plenty of apps, we discover the best of the bunch. PLUS an interview with the man behind Google Doodles, and a closer look at the Alternative Limb Project, an initiative using technology to turn prosthetics into amazing fashion and art.

Discover the Most Useful Apps for Your Apple Watch

1 (17) They may not fit in our exquisite watchwinder boxes, but Apple Watches have all sorts of tricks up their (your?) sleeve. With the first models now being shipped off to customers, The Telegraph have taken a closer look at some of the most impressive apps you can access via your wrist. From Uber and Citymapper, to Instagram and Runtastic, there's a whole lot of technology just waiting to be downloaded to your smartwatch. Take a look at what the Apple Watch is capable of...

Meet...Mr Google Doodle (AKA Ryan Germick)

2Image Source Another day, another doodle - Google's fun graphics and animations are a bright and inspiring part of any search engine user's day. Whether you love them or overlook them, there's no denying these so-called “doodles” are miniature works of art. But have you ever considered who creates them? This is the job that falls to Ryan Germick. In charge of team of over 100 artists, engineers and producers all over the world, Germick's job is surprisingly full on. Part artist, part internet nerd, he's the perfect man for the job. Read a full interview with him here.

The Alternative Limb Project Turns Prosthetics into Fashion

If you've ever watched Viktoria Modesta's phenomenal Prototype music video, you'll be aware of the ground-breaking work of The Alternative Limb project. This fascinating interview with Sophie de Oliveira Barata, the bespoke prosthetics expert behind Viktoria's amazing “spike” leg, unveils the technology and the philosophy behind the project – and takes a look forward at the astonishing prosthetics of the future. Very cool stuff. Which apps would you want on your smartwatch? Do you have a favourite Google Doodle of all time? Share your opinions and ideas with our readers below.

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