Winder Wonder #13: The Apprentice, Wearable Tech & Waking Up With Strangers

Welcome to this fortnight's edition of Winder Wonder, bringing you the very latest tech innovations alongside the coolest, weirdest and most jaw-dropping stuff from the world of technology. This fortnight: open your mind and your ears at 2014's Music Tech Fest, find an app which helps you wake up with strangers and laugh yourself silly at the “wearable tech” masterminded by the new intake on The Apprentice.


Check Out Music Tech Fest 2014

The days of a bass, a guitar and a drum-kit in a garage are numbered if the goods, equipment and big ideas on show at Music Tech Fest 2014 are anything to go by. From instruments which look like space-age coral and insane futuristic accordions, to mind-reading software which translates your thoughts into music for a live violinist to play.


How to Wake Up with a Stranger

Does your alarm's snooze button get a lot of use? If you're not one to spring out of bed at dawn and frequently sleep through your alarms, this weird new app could be for you. The app, named “Wakie”, connects you with random strangers of the opposite sex from all over the world. You select the time you want to be woken and the app will find a fully conscious user to give you a personal wake up call when the time is right! You can then return the favour by waking up other “sleepies”. Fun and functional, or just a bit creepy? Have your say in the comments section below, or download Wakie from your app store.


Wearable Technology Hits the Apprentice

Another year, another batch of “business” bozos take to our capital to try to win the coveted prize of an investment in their woeful business proposition from Sir Alan Sugar. The Apprentice is back, and the dubious high flyers have been creating their own take on wearable tech. As you might expect, the results were excruciating. A light-up lapel jacket with solar panels , a phone charger and heat pads VS a jumper featuring what looked like last years tangled up Christmas lights and a video camera seemingly designed for secretly filming breasts. We're glad that the reality of wearable tech is a helluva lot cooler than this.  Do you have a smashing wearable tech idea up (or on) your sleeve? Can you think of wearable tech even less useful than team Tenacity's? What about wearable tech creations which would work wonderfully with our watchwinders? Share your thoughts with our readers below.

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