The Essential 2018 Male Grooming Trends

Tom_Selleck_1989 Want to look your best in 2018? Men's grooming is rapidly evolving as gents UK-wide get more comfortable with giving their appearance a bit more TLC. From beards to facial hair, the amount of time we spend on looking our best is burgeoning, and the ways in which we can look our most dapper selves are booming too. Once upon a time a clean back and sides (or if you were 12 in the 1990s - a pair of wet-look curtains) was the only acceptable way to get your grooming right. Today there's endless diversity, with plenty of opportunity for blokes of all stripes to invest in their appearance and express themselves more effectively through their grooming choices. 'Nuff said! So what's on the slate for 2018? What male grooming products should you know about? What men's grooming trends are evolving? We've cooked up an inside scoop especially for you...

Beards are dead, all hail the tache!

Around five years ago a beard was a pretty strong style statement for a gentleman to make. From assumptions about your hippy disposition, and uncertainty about your religious identity, to fears about your personal hygiene, the UK's late 2000s transition to Beard Nation was a rocky one... ...But soon the beard was embraced by the hipsters who loved it for its retro, rugged, "lumbersexual" connotations. The next thing you know, every bloke and his staffy has one. Now, as a nation, we have reached "peak beard" - and it's high time too. In 2018 the tache is back. Time to liberate your chins, fellers!

There's no more middle ground

Men's hair in 2018 is set to be "short short" or actually long. The buzz cut is ready and waiting to make a big comeback, especially when it's teamed with great grooming (there's no hiding chapped skin or wild eyebrow with a Grade 1). If you're looking to pack some personality into a buzz, a bleached look works great on darker skin tones. If you have a longer face, you might want to steer clear of a buzz cut and opt for a longer haircut. Length is back for men in 2018, perhaps inspired by the 90s grunge aesthetic which have been loitering around fashion circles for the past few years. Opt for a centre parting and a length which falls just under your chin to do it right.

Razor subscriptions are a life-saver

Forget forgetting to buy new blades, then giving yourself a really ropey, rusty shave. Forget spending a fortune on branded blades, too. Shaving and razor subscriptions are now widely available and will save you a packet (and keep your face in good nick too).

Dermatologists are the new black

The rise in male grooming has shone fresh light on men's complexions. Not sure which products will relieve your oiliness, acne, dryness or other imperfections? An appointment with a dermatologist will put you on the right track, cut through all the merchandising nonsense and save you from using your own face as a guinea pig. Have you been investing more time or money in grooming in recent years? What is your take on 2018's male grooming trends? Let us know below.

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