5 Smartphone Games that Blow Candy Crush Out of the Water

Whether you're stuck on public transport of putting your feet up in your man cave, there's a huge, sprawling universe of smartphone games out there which will help you while away an hour or two...or 200. But which of the many thousands of options in the App Store and iTunes should be your next low key addiction? And which will make you loose track of the time so badly you'll need to top up your timepiece in a Barringtons watchwinder? To help you find your next smartphone obsession, we've shared five insanely fun mobile games which will keep you even more glued to your screen than you already are... 1. Causality Enjoy exercising your grey matter? Causality will certainly help you to do that. This incredibly pretty game is actually fiendishly difficult, forcing you to unpick twisted logic and even figure out a complicated system of time travel in order to navigate your astronauts to their portals. Are you smart enough? 2. 80 Days In 80 Days players must circumnavigate the globe, a la Phileas Fogg. Beautifully designed with a cracking narrative and very satisfying structure, it's your mission to manage your resources properly in order to make it to each new destination. The game's even earned four BAFTA nominations. How far will you travel? 3. Reigns Tired of swiping left and right, Tinder stylee? Reigns will make you want to get swiping all over again. Playing as king of a nation, you must approve or deny new legislation and degrees by swiping left and right. Impressively in depth and complex, you must plot a strategic course to remain on the throne and ensure stability in your lands. 4. Dark Echo Dark Echo is a maze game. So far, so unoriginal. But it's a maze game with a difference - it's conducted in pitch blackness with only sound to guide you and help you evade danger. With stunning graphics representing a sonar-esque sound interpretation of the maze around you, this impressive game will get your hackles up and your pulse racing. 5. Mini Metro What better game to play on your commute? This simple but stupidly addictive game allows you to build and run an underground train network in cities around the world. But will your network survive the pressures of growing demand? Trust us, this strangely satisfying game will get you hooked. Do you have any smartphone games you can't put down? Share your addiction with other readers below.

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