10 Masculine Books You Need In Your Man Cave

A man cannot survive on reading watch winder reviews alone, sometimes every red-blooded man needs to assert his masculinity with a strapping read. If your man cave library is looking a little flimsy, here are 10 crucial manly reads to celebrate all things bloke.

1. Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonnegut

The Allied bombing of Dresden (which Vonnegut witnessed first hand), time-shifts, extra-terrestrials, life as a German POW – this is an epic satirical novel told with weirdness, horror and wonder.

2. On The Road – Jack Kerouac

Written in a speed-fuelled daze over the course of just three weeks, On the Road is a magnetic account of what it is to live young, poor, high, wild, free (and a little pretentious) on the highways of America.

3. Death in the Afternoon – Ernest Hemingway

Any good piece of Hemingway will make a fine addition to your masculine bookshelf, but if you're entranced by the romance, art and brutality of the bullring, this spell-bindingly detailed non-fiction account of Spain's bloodiest sport is the perfect pick. If you're more of a fiction man, choose Men Without Women.

4. The Border Trilogy – Cormac McCarthy

The wilderness. Men being men. A lone wolf in the Southern American borderlands. If there were ever novels written to entrance the masculine soul, these three books by McCarthy (author of The Road) are it.

5. Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The ultimate dramatic tale of grand, youthful idealism, human suffering, horror and retribution. It may be a big read but Dostoyevsky's tome is an absolute epic. We challenge you not to shed manly tears.

6. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love – Raymond Carver

The pain, drama, exhilaration and destruction of human relationships collected in this book of short stories. Love, sex, suicide and the minutiae of human emotion, all told in Carver's direct, unadorned voice.

7. The Watchmen – Alan Moore

Love superheroes? Love labyrinthine storytelling? Love sci-fi? Love comics that feel intellectual but still have awesome graphics? You need The Watchmen on your bookshelf. If you've seen the film, it's nothing, nothing on the original. Trust us.

8. Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson

A protagonist and his attorney hitting the bright lights and temptations of Las Vegas in a drug-fuelled haze, trying to chase after that illusive American Dream. What could be more escapist?

9. Ham on Rye – Charles Bukowski

Literature's most famous misogynist is a Marmite kind of author. However, love him or hate him, Bukowski's individual voice is a masculine, storytelling howl. Ham on Rye is arguably his greatest novel, following the coming of age of Bukowski's alterego Henry Chianski. Sports, acne, violence, women – it's all good stuff.

10. Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger

The ultimate coming of age novel. Salinger's protagonist is the quintessential bright, troubled teenager trying to find his way through a world comprised of “phonies”. Half-hilarious, half-moving but totally identifiable.

What are your favorite masculine reads? Do you have any all-time top novels that speak volumes about what it is to be a man in society? Share them with our watch winder readers below.

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