Winder Wonder #2: Gesture Control, Ultimate Shaving & Bitcoin Explained

Welcome to the second edition of Winder Wonder. From the unveiling of online currency Dogecoin's shiny new Nascar, to the high tech razor which Gillette claims will get that impossible to reach “weird spot” on your handsome face, we've got all the latest, greatest and weirdest high tech news from across technology land...

1.The Ultimate in Gesture Control Released

Meet Nod: The newest thing in the rapidly developing world of gesture control. Nod is essentially a high tech ring, which allows you to control a whole world of devices without ever physically touching, well, anything. From typing in the air without a keyboard, to queuing a song on your smartphone, Nod will allow you complete hands-free gesture control over all of your favourite devices. Unfortunately you won't be able to use it to control your Barrington single watch winder, but all things in good time! If this sounds like a thing of the future, prepare to be surprised, Nod was released for sale on 30th April 2014.

2.Gillette Creates a Razor to Get All Your “Weird Bits”

Do you have a funny spot, just under your chin or right by your nose, which is just impossible to shave? We know the feeling. Fortunately, Gillette do too. Which is why they've created the high tech FlexBall razor, complete with a n extra blade and a 24 degree pivoting head, which they promise will reach that weird spot you just can't get.

3.Bitcoin: Explained

Baffled by Bitcoin, the mind-boggling online currency? Never fear, The team at Choice Loans have put together an interactive guide that has everything small & medium businesses need to know about Bitcoin - with articles, videos & apps on how it works and how to accept it as a payment option.

4.New Dogecoin Nascar Unveiled

And while we're talking about crazy online currencies, it's time to introduce you to Dogecoin's new, awesome Nascar, which is to be driven by up-and-coming racing driver, Josh Wise. The impressive $55,000 machine was created thanks to sponsorship entirely raised through the Nascar and Dogecar subforums on Reddit. Named “#98 Moonrocket” the sponsorship behind the machine included over 65 million Dogecoins. Its very first race will take place on the 4th May as part of the Aarons 499 Sprint Series Cup Race.

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