Where Do You Stand on Man Makeup?

tanja-heffner-196114 The rise of the metrosexual man is old news, subsumed by the era of his hipster progeny, the "lumbersexual" man (with his - ironically - beautifully groomed beard). Most of us are now regular manscapers, while the rise of products like beard oil has given many blokes more opportunity to lavish attention on their faces. If we happen tobe somewhere on the rock'n'roll spectrum, the odd slash of guyliner isn't remotely out of the question. It is 2017 after all... Politics may be cloudy and fractious these days, but it's pretty clear that the gender binary is going the way of the dodo. Today we're moving away from labels and boxes, pink and blue babygrows and gendered toys - and starting to embrace greater diversity in the humans around us - both in terms of presentation and the deeper stuff. The gratitude with which Robert Webb's recent book How Not to Be a Boy was received earlier this year is proof that men are feeling increasingly empowered to step outside of the once very rigid "codes of masculinity" they were once constrained by. Meanwhile, over the pond in the US, models and celebrities like Jaden Smith are happily ignoring the gender binary by donning skirts and gender non-conforming fashion. Is it time, therefore, for the average bloke to start embracing makeup? French president Emmanuel Macron came under fire this August for spending 26,000 on makeup services in just three months. Whatever your view on political expenses, this is one very prominent man who feels comfortable enhancing his looks with cosmetics. For now, however, men's makeup is likely to remain restricted to "perfecting" products, rather than more expressive looks, in all but the most artistic circles. However, as gender barriers continue to dissolve, it might one day be time for men to pick up the blusher and start having some fun with their appearance... Do you wear makeup? Do you use products to simply perfect your appearance or to express yourself? Perhaps you consider male makeup out of the question.Share your opinion below.

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