Top 5 Home Security Cameras of 2018

If you're a fan of our 12 watch winder safe, you might be looking around to improve your home security if you haven't already. With the advancement of technology and smart homes becoming the norm, we've seen an increase in home security cameras from large to small over the past few years. In no particular order, here's our top 5:

Nest Cam IQ Nest Cam Home Security Camera

One of the most advanced home security cameras on the market, the Nest Cam IQ comes at a price. Spending £299 on this home security device will give you a 4K sensor, 1080p streaming & a mobile app that can distinguish people, animals & strangers.
It's a home security camera that is steeper than most & the Nest Aware subscription package comes at an additional cost too, but if you set the price aside, the Google developed device is trust worthy, high quality, and does the job. Features:
  • Wi-Fi Conncetivity
  • 4K Sensor
  • 1080p streaming
  • Mobile application
  • Facial recognition
  • Person vs Animal recognition
Price: £299

Piper NV Smart Security Alarm Piper NV Smart Security Alarm

Do not press the alarm button on this camera just for fun. Even if you’re ready for it, you’ll jump out of your skin. It’s 105db. Like others here, the Piper offers Full HD recording and it stores the footage from motion-triggered events online free, though you have to view it there rather than transferring it elsewhere. Set-up is not as easy as some here but the Piper is unobtrusive and works well. With a 105db alarm system, it's guaranteed to have any trespasser jumping out of their skin. With Full HD recording which is triggered by motion, you don't have to pay for a service to view your findings, just simply watch them privately online for free. Features:
  • HD & Night vision
  • Customizable security modes
  • Motion ad Sound Detection
  • Intruder Deterrent Siren
Price: £299

Amazon Cloud CamAmazon Cloud Cam

One of the most affordable home security cameras on the market is the Amazon Cloud Cam, from Amazon..of course. It features a two-way talk system, motion detection, intelligent alerts and a 24/7 live feed. The most exciting feature to come from the Amazon Cloud Cam is the option to control the camera with a 180-degrees option via the app. Since it's built by Amazon, you can cleverly integrate it with the Alexa Voice assistant, providing the opportunity to interact with it as you would your Amazon Echo or Alexa device. Not only that, if you're an owner of an Amazon Fire TV/streaming stick - you can watch the live feed on the big screen. Features:
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Notifications with Activity
  • Night vision capability
  • Detection system and advanced settings with subscription service
  • Amazon Alexa connection
Price: £150

Netgear Arlo QArlo Q Home Security Camera

One of the more affordable options is the Arlo Q from NETGEAR that comes in at £120. Similar to the Amazon Cloud Cam, the Arlo Q connects to your Amazon Alexa, features a 1080 WiFi camera with night vision capabilities and a two-way audio. Despite all the features of its rivals, the Arlo Q doesn't come with an option to expand storage with a micro SD - for the avid & keen NETGEAR buyer, you can get the Arlo Q Plus priced at £140. Features:
  • 1080p video recording.
  • Two-way audio system.
  • Night vision capabilities.
  • 130 degrees field of view.
Price: £120

Netatmo PRESENCENetatmo Presence Home Security Camera

Out of all the home security cameras featured in our list, the Netatmo PRESENCE has probably the most striking of exteriors. With an impressive and large floodlight used to startle trespassers & foxes, this camera doesn't need a 105db alarm to get rid of the unwanted. Unlike the Arlo Q, the Netatmo PRESENCE has an option for a microSD card alongside free online storage with no subscription required. Activity can be detected up to 20 metres away and the smart options via the app can tell you if a 'Person' has been seen or an 'animal' (the animal option can be switched off). This home security camera also features a unique and smart 'Alert Zones' option which allows users to exclude certain roads and areas from any notifications. Features:
  • Instant smartphone alerts
  • Smart floodlight for a deterrent
  • Camera distinguishes between People, Cars & Animals
  • Full HD footage
  • Simple Installation

Price: £229.00

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