Top 4 Razors made in the UK

With a small range of razors in your local Boots & Superdrug, it can sometimes be hard to find a razor that really focuses on british-made design. The UK in the past 30 years has been thriving with grooming brands all designing their own razor which seems to have been missed by the mainstream man. Thanks to the online world however, it's easy to find those smaller brands which cater for your beard trimming and stubble sustaining needs. Thus begins our Top 4 in no particular order: -

Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger is a Sheffield-based family brand that was started in 1988, setting the standard of male grooming for the past 30 years. Manufacturing a range of luxurious wet shaving tools & accessories, the brand is a Gillette trusted partner and therefore a variety of its razors contain genuine Gillette parts. Take the Mach3 Razor, worthy of a spot on our list, it comes in 40 different styles (with a range of styles for women) all with a three blade razor. Our favourite style is the Edwin Jagger Nickel & Black Mach3 Razor which has a highly polished black handle & is finished beautifully with nickel plated collar and end cap.

Edwin Jagger Mach3


Taylor of Bond Street

We've been talking Bond a lot these past few days, with the next razor on our list being the Victorian Mach3 Razor from Taylor of Bond Street. If you haven't had the pleasure of discovering the history of the brand before; "Jeremiah Taylor first founded Taylor of Old Bond Street on September the 1st, 1854. Jeremiah opened his salon in London's fashionable Bond Street and gained a reputation in British Society for his botanical extracts. The Taylor tradition continued through the next generation with Sidney who opened their now famous flagship store in Jermyn Street, London." The Victorian Mach3 Razor is a three bladed razor which offers a comfortable to use handle in three styles; Black, Ivory & Chrome. Embossed with the iconic Taylor logo, it's an investment piece for the day-to-day shaver at a comfortable price of £59.95. Victorian Mach3 Razor by Taylor of Bond Street -

Bolin Webb

If you're a fan of the smooth line finish on some of the classic cars our nation has to offer, then you're going to love the design of the R1-S Monza Red Razors from Bolin Webb. The young brand was originally founded by Marina Bolin and Derrick Webb back in 2011 with Swiss inspiration in mind. R1-S Monza Red is just one of many razors which focus on the design and build of each tool. "No Racing without Red" has this razor taking inspiration from the automotive industry with a blade also from Gilette. The R1-S series also comes in comes in Blue 3000, Signal Orange and Ferrara Yellow. You can take one home for the price of £55.00. Bolin Webb - R1-S Monza Red Razor -

Wilde & Harte

The Eltham Collection from Wilde & Harte is named after Eltham Palace, of which the interior is widely regarded as the finest and most exquisite showpieces of 1930’s Art Deco design seen in Britain today. The collection consists of three razors hand crafted and polished by the London-originating duo that make up the brand. The retail price hovers around £130 to £160 (if you choose the Fusion Razor) and manufactured from stainless steel. It's a great antique look to a razor that many will appreciate. Just like the previously mention razors, the Eltham Palace used Gilette blades. Wilde and Harte - The Eltham Collection

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