8 Indoor Hammocks for Man Cave Battle Naps

It's can be exhausting being a charismatic international man of mystery. Sometimes,a gentleman needs to prepare himself for the important events his everyday life has to throw at him, with an expertly timed “battle nap” to get him ready for action. So set your automatic watch winders in motion for an hyper-precise wake-up call, lie back and rest your eyes on 8 of our favourite indoor hammocks, ideal for a very classy snooze in your man cave.

1. The Gymnastic

Angular and sporty, this massive hammock looks like a piece of old-fashioned gymnastic apparatus, but perfectly ensconces your body for the ultimate man cave kip.

2. The Spiderweb

Keen to add an element of perceived danger to your snooze time? This good-looking, minimalist hammock teeters over a staircase, allowing you to relax in comfort, while perched like a waiting spider above unsuspecting guests.

3. The Punchbag

Can you picture a more comfortable snoozing spot which looks more masculine than these punchbag-esque hammocks? These soft, cushioned hammocks are suspended by boxing gym style chains and are available in a variety of great-looking shapes and sizes.

4. The Unobtrusive

So cool and sophisticated you'll barely know he's here. But when it comes to nap time, this sleek, classic hammock is all yours and primed for a power nap.

5. The Modern

A hammock for the gentleman with 21st Century tastes, this pared back kipping place features strong, modern lines and pared-back aesthetic. Perfect for stylish Zzzs.

6. The Classy

As much as we'd prefer to see a little black number draped across our bedroom floor in the morning, we'd also be very content to see this classy little black number suspended from our man cave ceiling. Chic, sleek and a serious statement piece.

7. The Big One

So technically it isn't a hammock, but as a floating sleeping place suspended from the ceiling, we hope you won't be too semantically picky here. Especially when you see how awesome this is. If your man cave is on the big side, this floating bed could be paradise...

8. The Upright

Sit up and take a good look at the world in these stylish armchair hammocks. The wooden portion of these reminds us of buffalo horns, perfect for surveying your land and all that lies within in through your man cave window.

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