5 of the Best... Cool Phone Chargers

Charging our phones is one of those annoying tasks you'd have thought humanity would have rendered obsolete with smarter technology by now. Technology is finally starting to solve the “charging up” problem, but until the ultimate solution becomes affordable, these five awesome and innovative chargers are certainly a step in the right direction... (Oh, and if you're looking for a smart way to keep your watch ticking too, just check out our exquisite range of automatic watchwinders!)

1. Epiphany onE Puck

This gizmo is still raising funds for development via Kickstarter, but you can pre-order your own right now through the Kickstarter page. This puck-shaped tiny heat engine will ensure your phone never goes flat again, and it's totally portable too.

2. XD Design solarladefenster

2 (28)Image Source This is one of the sleekest and most compact solar phone chargers we've come across. Sticking neatly to the window, this clever contraption turns sunlight into power, plugging directly into your phone to give it a boost. Carry it with you and use it anywhere to never go flat again.

3. Jackery Giant

3 (27)Image Source Jackery's range of portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes (and colours!) so you can find one that fit into your life perfectly. They may be small, but these gizmos pack plenty of punch, giving you lots of battery life even on the go.

4. Linearflex Lithiumcard

This tiny, sleek device contains all you need to power up your mobile, pretty much anywhere. With cables for plugging into virtually any power source and its own in-built system for getting the job done far faster than regular chargers, this is one super smart piece of kit.

5.Emtech Power Pouch

5 (13)Image Source Super compact and convenient, this helpful pouch include everything you need to keep your smartphone chock-full of juice. With a reserve battery you can use to charge your smartphone on the road, this is a deceptively simple solution which works impressively well. How do you keep your phone charged? Have you found a smarter system than the five we've shared? Let us know below...

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