5 Genuinely Scary Movies to Watch in Your Man Cave

Halloween is here. If you'd rather avoid all of the revelry and fake blood out on the streets, there are plenty of ways to indulge in a bit of fear without leaving the comfort of your own man cave. Time to fix yourself a fiendishly good beverage, pop your timepiece in your single watchwinder, get your feet up and get well and truly terrified with our five favourite genuinely scary movies to watch this scary season.
  • Which movies have you hiding behind the sofa? Did we miss any great ones? Share your picks with other readers below

1. Paranormal Activity

Shot almost entirely as faux home security camera footage, this is a movie which is all about “what you can't see”. It may not feature the most sophisticated plot or storytelling of all time, but the grainy footage and stylised visuals are incredibly absorbing, creating an insanely eerie atmosphere which will have you jumping approximately every 45 seconds.

2. The Shining

“Heeeeere's Johnny!” - this classic scary movie is a masterclass in atmosphere, with the deserted hotel becoming more and more claustrophobic and horrifying by the minute as Jack Nicholson's character becomes more and more unhinged.

3. The Orphanage

Trust Guillermo del Toro to create a modern horror movie this spooky. A master of the visual arts, the acclaimed Pan's Labyrinth director's widely rated horror flick is a truly spine-chilling, unnerving experience.


If it's zombies you want this Halloween, you can't go far wrong with . In this Spanish translated movie, a young reporter enters a quarantined apartment building and enters a horrifying world...

5. The Exorcist

Another true, scary classic. This re-released 1973 movie is scary to this day, with the possessed child's unnatural contortions and the claustrophobia of the suburban family house all contributing to this seriously scary watch. Which is your scariest movie? Share your spooky selection with other readers below.

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