5 Gentlemanly Desks for your Man Cave

Whether you prefer a classic, imposing desk, a chic minimalist style or even a health-conscious standing desk, there's no denying that the perfect bit of kit really does make all the difference to how you feel working from home. Whether you're self-employed or regularly take crucial tasks home from the office, the right bit of furniture can make working from home feel awesome, boosting your productivity and the look and feel of your man cave. To help you work better and feel even more gentlemanly, the Barringtons watchwinder team have rounded up their models of the moment..

1. The Desk, Based Upon

1 This is a truly exquisite desk for gentlemen for whom money is no object. Each desk is a custom piece, rendered with an oak body and leather interior, then finished with unique, marbled tramazite, the desk features a safe and all the useful drawers and extras that you could want.

2. Artifox Standing Desk 01

2 Modelled after a traditional writing desk, with a distinctly modern twist featuring adjustable standing and seated modes, a magnetic cable system and a whiteboard for note taking, this is a smart bit of contemporary kit.

3. Ryerson Desk, Urban Outfitters

3 Stylish but impressively practical, this chic desk is made of wood, rattan and metal and its aesthetic lightness looks perfect in a modern home office environment.

4. Dexter Acrylic Desk, Consort

4 Favour a cooler, industrial look? This sleek option from Dexter combines a smooth, acrylic top with strikingly contemporary hairpin metal legs.

5. Victor Desk in Navy, The Conran Shop

5 Tobacco tinted oak combines with a glossy rich navy lacquered surface to create a deceptively simple desk with plenty of concealed, built-in storage.
Is your dream desk traditional or contemporary? Is storage essential or do you prefer desks which deter clutter? Share your picks and your preferences with other readers below.

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