4 Essential Men's Coats for the Cold Snap

The rain may have sent Northeners scurrying for the nearest ark in December 2015, but the UK is yet to experience anything approaching properly cold weather this winter. But if you've been feeling smug and cosy this January, things may be about to change. Meteorologists are predicting a cold snap, coming to the UK this week. Don't want to catch a chill? Wrap up warm and look good while doing it in these essential, on trend coats for men, hand-picked for the gentleman who appreciates beautiful things (just like our exquisite single watch winders)...

1. The (Postmodern) Camel Coat

The (Postmodern) Camel Coat This beauty comes from Givenchy via Farfetch (£767.00), straddling the divide between the traditional camel coat which has been seen on fashion's chicest gentlemen this season, and something a little more contemporary. The addition of sharp, minimal colour block splashes in red and black provide a welcome twist on the classic.

2. The Shearling

The Shearling Coat In rough, ready but luxuriously cosy and beautifully made sheepskin, a top quality Shearling is an essential 2015-2016 coat. Rugged but defiantly fashionable, this beautiful version from Margaret Howell (£1,370.00) is spot on.

3. The Padded Parka

The Padded Parka When that nip in the air gets royally nippy, you'll be pleased to have something like Tommy Hilfiger's understated but “just right” padded parka (£203.00) on hand, complete with a fashion savvy nod to Brit pop.

4. The Double Breasted Overcoat

The Double Breasted Overcoat Best in black wool, this winter wardrobe staple is enjoying a return to fashionable form in January 2016. Wear it belted, with a wide lapel and a good dose of swagger for best effect. This Topshop version does it well (£150), What's your ultimate coat for venturing out of your man cave this January? Which is your favourite from our selection? Share your thoughts and favourites with other Barrington readers below.

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