3 UK Subscription Services You'll Want in Your Monthly Mail

Are you fed up of receiving nothing but spam, bills and takeaway menus through the letterbox? The rise and rise of online shopping (and increasing sophistication of delivery services) means a wealth of innovative companies are now offering monthly subscription services which will send everything from liquor to licorice through your door. From your own personal selection, to surprising testers and tasters, there's a subscription to entice you available online. Here are three our watchwinder team wouldn't turn away from the door (they also make top notch gifts)...

1. Honest Brew Beer Delivery

Honest Brew Beer Delivery

This online beer club is one for the connoisseurs. Honest Brew collect weird, wonderful and downright delicious brews from across the UK and the world, bringing you the very finest and most interesting tipples to taste. Their Howler subscription contains three cans of hand-selected craft beer, sent to your door in a handy cardboard tube so you can find your favourites. For thirstier sorts who know what they like, larger and more personalised subscriptions are also available.

2. Henry J. Socks Sock Subscription

Henry J. Socks Sock Subscription Fed up of your socks disappearing at the gym and getting eaten by the washing machine? Hate holey heels and toes? Don't want to wait until your wife or mother picks you up new pairs for Christmas? This excellent Henry J. Socks subscription is the answer to your prayers. Fresh, good lookin' socks, delivered to your door in the quantity and regularity you want. They also do boxers!

3. Cornerstone Shaving Subscription

Cornerstone Shaving Subscription Their razor beat Gillette's and Wilkinson's at the 2015 Men's Grooming Awards – and they offer impressively flexible (not to mention affordable) subscription packages, perfect for your personal needs. From six blades delivered once every 12 weeks, to full skincare packages (including shaving gel, post-shave balm and face scrub) sent every six weeks, this subscription service is your chin's new best friend. Do you make use of any subscription services? Have you tried any of our favourites listed above? What was your experience? Have your say and recommend other services below.

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