3 of the Best Bike Helmet Cameras

Whether you want to capture the scenery on your country ride or, more likely, want to ensure you're protected in the event of an accident on the road, bike helmet cameras could be the gizmo you're looking for. Increasingly worn by cyclists, particularly on busy city streets, some of the Barrington Watch Winder team have been peddling to Barrington HQ equipped with helmet cams for that extra layer of safety. GoPro Hero 7 Black Although helmet cameras won't save you from topples, knocks and accidents, they will record exactly how incidents take place. Whether you're the victim of white van man road rage or bumped by an unobservant driver, your camera will pick up the action, allowing you to prove that you were in the right. This can make a world of difference when it comes to insurance claims and legal issues. To ensure your rights are protected (when the rest of you comes a-cropper), we've rounded up three of the best cycling helmet cameras to attach to your noggin... 1. Drift Stealth 2 Drift Bike Helmet Camera It may have been on the market for a good few years now, but this handy cam is still a pretty useful bit of kit. The small price tag and comparatively long battery life (three hours), combined with a wide range of mounting options, make the Stealth 2 a very decent buy. Although it doesn't shoot 4K, it does manage some very respectable 1080 (HD) filming, so you'll get very good quality footage, whether you're protecting yourself or filming an epic adventure.

2. GoPro Hero5 Session Super small, super sleek, super easy to use with a pared back "one button" control, the GoPro Hero5 Session camera is incredibly multi-purpose so you can use it for pretty much anything when you're not on your bike and it has very good video stabilisation to ensure the 1080 HD video you capture is very smooth. 3. Cycliq Fly6 If road safety and monitoring while cycling are your primary concern, you might want to switch from a helmet cam to something more specialist, like this smart rear light camera. This device films continuously for 6 hours, then begins recording over previous footage. If you crash, the Fly6 will automatically save the segment of footage surrounding the incident to ensure you have video evidence. Very handy indeed. Would you use a helmet camera while cycling? Have you been involved in a cycling incident which could have been made easier with video footage? Share your thoughts and stories with other readers below.

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