3 Cool Pieces of Tech to Pick Up in the January Sales

It may be too late to add these awesome pieces of kit to your Christmas list, but it's not too late to treat yourself in the January sales... Whether you've got gifts to return and store credit to spend, or a nice stash of Christmas vouchers to deploy, the Barringtons Watchwinder tech-heads have rounded up some of the coolest pieces of technology for men on the market at the moment, which you're going to want in your man cave – stat!

1. Leica Sofort Instant Camera

1 The demise of Polaroid left many instant film lovers and the photographically inclined feeling pretty bereft. In a world of digital selfies and Snapchats, having a photograph you could hold instantly – and only take one of – was a rare luxury. Now Leica has got in on the act, with a Fuji instant film fuelled, retro-inspired, superb resolution instant camera. Go on, you know you're tempted...

2. Amazon Echo

Forget Siri, it's time to meet Alexa. Amazon's smart little tool can play music, answer questions, tell you the time, order you a cab, give you a wakeup call, turn up your heating, keep a shopping list and much more besides. You might feel a little self-conscious at first, but soon you'll be wondering how you lived without her.

3. Playstation VR

Do you appreciate some serious play time? Playstation VR is surprisingly affordable and probably going to blow your mind. This headset is claimed to offer one of the most immersive gaming experiences currently available and the critics seriously rate it. This bad boy can trick your brain into experiencing vertigo, take you to a whole new world and pretty much enthral you. Put it on and get totally transported.
Have you tried VR yet? What was your experience? Do you have your eye on any new technology for 2017? Share you picks with other readers below.

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