3 Bluetooth Trackers Which Will Stop You Losing Your Stuff

Is there any frustration quite like the frustration of losing your keys when you're in a hurry to leave the house? Or any sinking feeling quite like the sinking feeling when you realise you've misplaced your wallet while out on the tiles?
Our beautiful watchwinder boxes may provide a smart place to safely stash your favourite timepieces while they're not on your wrist, but for your other valuables an alternative solution is now on the market – and it's about to make your life a whole lot less annoying.
Bluetooth trackers are now readily available and affordable in a range of styles with all sorts of capabilities. To help you pick a piece of tech which will save you the pain and frustration of misplacing your valuables, we've rounded up the best of the bunch...

1. Tile

1 Probably the sleekest looking Bluetooth tracker on the market, Tile is available in two styles; Tile Mate which is simple to attach to items including your keys and your luggage, and Tile Slim which is a breeze to slip into virtually anything, from your wallet to your laptop or Kindle. Available with a range of additional accessories which will attach the tracker to bikes, jackets, television remotes and even wads of cash – this is a pretty indispensable piece of tech, packed with helpful features.

2. Chipolo Plus

2 Marketed as the loudest Bluetooth tracker out there, Chipolo also comes in a selection of different colours so you can coordinate your keychain with your wardrobe. Although it has fewer functions than Tile, Chipolo can be accessed from any phone, tablet or web browser and works even after the app is terminated.

3. TrackR Bravo

This stylish little coin-sized device is a popular pick amongst Bluetooth trackers and does everything you'd expect tech in this niche to do. While less advanced than Tile, this gadget is compatible with Amazon Echo, so you can ask Alexa to help you find your items at home.
Have you tried using Bluetooth trackers before? Did they help you find your stuff faster? Share your stories and picks with other readers below.

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